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Step by Step Design Process

STEP #1: Place Your Order Online

To Initiate our process, you would begin by placing your order for the type and size of product online that you need

STEP #2: We Contact You Via Email

Once your order comes through, we will send you an email to gather the details for your design such as, logo, website, phone etc. (If you would like us to use one of the design themes online and tailor it to your company, we will gather those details after the order is placed as well.)

STEP #3: Design Process Begins

Once we receive your email response with the design details or online sample that you would like tailor for your company, we will then put together a design proof for you to look over and send it to you via email.

STEP #4: Proofing

There may be some back and forth during the proofing process to refine the design for your needs.

STEP #5: Approval

Once you approve the design, it will be moved into the production line-up. (No further changes can be made at this point.)

STEP #5: Shipping

Once production is finished, the material is shipped via UPS to your preferred shipping address. Tracking information will soon follow via email.